About Spines Binded

Spines Binded Publishing is an independent publisher based out of Midtown, Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. Spines Binded publishes works by independent authors and artists, and they publish an annual anthology–a collection of local writing and art titled, “Spines Binded: A Philanthropic Publication.” The primary goals of this publication are to support local artists by giving them an affordable opportunity to see their work in print, and to raise money for community organizations. Each year, the profits from all entry fees, project donations, and book sales are donated to a community organization dedicated to supporting those suffering from addiction, homelessness, and/or educational barriers.

The collection’s first issue is expected in print in November 2019, and will be published annually. For regular updates, like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. More information can be found at http://www.spinesbinded.org, and any questions can be emailed to spinesbinded@gmail.com.